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Kachin State Natural Resources Development Discussion Paper PDF Print Email

       This policy discussion paper is based on our
       experiences and findings of our community research over the
       last ten years, documenting the impacts of centralized mega
       development projects on peoples across Kachin state. We did
       this research together with local communities, including in
       Hukawng, Hpakant, Putao, Chibwe, Tangphre as well as
      others. This paper also draws on experiences and solutions
      from other countries where there has been conflict over
      natural resources. We hope this paper will contribute to the
      debate over political solutions to allow the future generations
      of Kachin state to benefit from its natural resources.                                                        

      The Paper was published in 17 June 2015.

      Download the report: Englsih I Burmese

Model Villages are not a model PDF Print Email
By: Mungchying Rawt Jat (MRJ)   
Friday, 21 June 2013 14:33

  This short booklet documents cases of farmers who have been forcibly relocated to make way for “development” projects in   Kachin State, and are now staying in Sanpya camp in Hugawng Valley, and Aung Myin Thar and Maliyang camps near the Irrawaddy Myitsone. 

      The newsletter was published in 21 June 2013.

       Download the report: Englsih I Burmese 

Chronology of the Myitsone Dam at the Confluence of Rivers above Myitkyina PDF Print Email
Monday, 27 May 2013 09:03


  Sources: New Light of Myanmar, Myanmar Times, Irrawaddy, Mizzima, Weekly 

 Eleven, The Voice, Open News, 7 Day News, Kachin News, Damming the Irrawaddy; 
 also personal communications. 26 December 2011 
 This chronology incorporates very significant material related to 2002–2010, posted on the web by “ipea-editor” on 17 January 2011, down-loaded
 26 October 2011. Efforts continue to contact that person/group to acknowledge their work. Note that quotations of statements here are probably
 translations. Corrections and additions to this chronology are welcome, the editors. 
  Download the report: English
Sham Tiger Reserve in Burma- A lesson on American aid in Myanmar PDF Print Email
Tuesday, 20 November 2012 10:03

The Hugawng Valley Tiger Reserve was designated by the Myanmar Government with the support of the US-based Wildlife Conservation Society in 2001 in order to preserve habit for a shrinking tiger population. The reserve was expanded in 2004 to encompass as area of 21,890 square kilometers ( 8,452 square miles ), roughly the size of the US state of Vermont.

       Download the report: English

Lessons from the Kachin “development” experience PDF Print Email

Burma’s government is using the promise of development as a key component in its current peace negotiations with armed   ethnic organizations, proposing ceasefire first, then development, and finally a national political agreement. This process has  been tried before in Kachin State with disastrous consequences

This report summarizes findings from seven years of research and demonstrates that the Kachin experience should serve as a warning to other ethnic groups attempting peace through a similar process. Without a political resolution first, there can be no just or sustainable development of Burma.      

       The newsletter was published in May 2012.

       Download the report: Englsih I Burmese I Kachin

Cancel the 7 Dams, Save the Irrawaddy Print Email

The Irrawaddy Myitsone Dams Project plans to build seven mega dams on the Irrawaddy and its main source rivers, the N’mai and Mali, to export electricity to China. All of these dams will cause irreparable environmental destruction, unpredictable water surges and shortages, and inflict social and economic damage to the millions who depend on the Irrawaddy. Thousands of Kachin villagers will also be forced to relocate. In order to Save the Irrawaddy, Burma Rivers Network calls to STOP all the seven dams.

The newsletter was published in November 2011.

Download the report: English | Burmese

An Update on the Irrawaddy myitsone dams project PDF Print Email
By: KDNG   

Following Thein Sein’s announcement on September 30 that construction of the Irrawaddy Myitsone dam would be suspended, villagers living near the project are living in a state of uncertainty and fear as there is no evidence on the ground that the dam project has indeed been suspended. KDNG has been monitoring the Irrawaddy Myitsone Dams Project since 2005 and provides this brief update based on research conducted just before and after the suspension announcement.

The report was published on October 14, 2011.

To download the report: English

Tyrants, Tycoons and Tigers PDF Print Email

The Hukawng Valley Tiger Reserve in Kachin State was declared by the Burmese Government in 2001 with the support of the US-based Wildlife Conservation Society. In 2004 the reserve’s designation was expanded to include the entire valley of 21,890 square kilometers (8,452 square miles), making it the largest tiger reserve in the world. Today a 200,000 acre mono-crop plantation project is making a mockery of the reserve’s protected status.

The report was published in Auguest 2010.

To download the report:  English

Resisting the Flood PDF Print Email

An update on open local resistance to the seven dams that China Power Investment Corporation (CPI) is building on the Irrawaddy, N'mai and Mali rivers in Burma's northern Kachin State. The booklet describes the construction activity at the Chibwe dam site and the imminent forced relocation of 15,000 villagers for the construction of the Irrawaddy Myitsone Dam. The booklet includes excerpts from open letters to Burma's military junta and the full text of a letter to CPI.

It was publish in October 2009.

To download the booklet:  English    | Burmese

Heroin Epidemic in Hpakant PDF Print Email

The jade mines of Hpakant in Burma’s northern Kachin State have long been notorious for high rates of drug addiction and HIV infection. What is less known, thanks to the military regime’s strict control of information from this remote area, is the collusion by the authorities in the narcotics trade.

This report was published in June 2009.

To download the report: English

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